How is my Star Rating Calculated?

Modified on Wed, 17 Jul at 11:12 AM

Bambino's star rating system is a comprehensive method for parents to evaluate their sitter's performance across various crucial dimensions. Your Star Rating is calculated based on feedback in five key areas, ensuring a well-rounded reflection of your service as a sitter. Let's explore how it's calculated and what each area entails:

  1. On-Time Arrival:

    • Question for Parents: Did the sitter arrive on time?

    • What it Means for You: Punctuality is valued. Make sure to reach the family's home at the agreed time.

  2. Communication:

    • Question for Parents: Did the sitter communicate well before and during the booking?

    • What it Means for You: Maintain clear and consistent communication with the parents. Update them about their children and any changes as needed.

  3. Engagement with Kids:

    • Question for Parents: Did the sitter engage with the kids and avoid unnecessary screen time?

    • What it Means for You: Focus on interacting, playing, and engaging with the kids actively. Minimize personal phone use and avoid allowing excessive screen time for kids.

  4. Adherence to Instructions:

    • Question for Parents: Did the sitter ask for and follow special instructions and household rules?

    • What it Means for You: Clarify any doubts and ensure you adhere to all guidelines and rules laid down by the parents.

  5. Cleanliness:

    • Question for Parents: Did the sitter ensure the children cleaned up, and did they help clean up after mealtimes?

    • What it Means for You: Encourage children to maintain cleanliness and assist in tidying up spaces used during the sit.


  • In situations where certain categories don't apply, parents can opt to skip rating that particular area. This exclusion will not negatively impact your overall star rating. The cumulative score is an average of the ratings received in applicable categories, giving parents a holistic view of your service quality.

By understanding each dimension and consistently offering top-notch service, you can ensure a high Star Rating, making you a preferred choice for parents within the Bambino community. Your commitment to excellence doesn't just enhance your reputation; it also contributes positively to the entire Bambino ecosystem. 

Here at Bambino, if you need to talk to us, we want to talk to you. Reach a member of our team directly here: (844) 622-6246 and one of our team members will assist you. We are available Mon - Fri from 9am-5pm EST. 

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