With our latest update, we have added a multi-part rating system that lets you rate your sitter in five key areas. After significant input from the community, we found these five categories to be of most importance to our parents when defining what makes a Bambino Sitter great!

  • On Time Arrival - Did your sitter arrive on-time?
  • Communicated Well - Did your sitter communicate well before and during the booking?
  • Engaged Kids - Did your sitter engage with your kids and stay off of their phones?
  • Followed Instructions - Did your sitter follow your stated instructions?
  • Cleaned Up - Did your sitter clean up after themselves?

In some cases, not every category is relevant to your booking. That’s ok, you can skip those categories. Once complete, we will average your ratings, combine them with other parent’s ratings, and display a total rating for the sitter.  So as to encourage the most honest feedback, your individual rating will not be displayed to the community. 

For now, we will only display the combined total rating while we gather data, but in the coming months, we will start displaying the individual categories with the cumulative ratings on a sitter’s profile, so you can see who the very best sitters are.