Elite Sitters are our most reliable, engaged, and highly rated sitters.  You will receive an emailed invitation from support@bambinositters.com with a link to complete a complimentary background check.  

In order to qualify you must meet all of the following qualifications: 

  • 18 years of age +
  • Completed at least 6 sits within the past 2 months
  •  Maintained a 4.8+ Star Rating
  • 85% or higher Reliability Rating (monitors cancellations initiated by the Sitter within 48 hours of the scheduled sit) 
  • High Response Rate to sit requests
  • Cleared a background check through Checkr and renew yearly

Bambino Elite Sitter status doesn’t expire. Each year we’ll send a link to renew your background check (complimentary) as long as you maintain a reliability score of at least 85%, a star rating of 4.8, a response rate of 50%, and refrain from canceling within 2 hours of a sit (unless a real emergency occurs) or no-show.

Bambino holds the right to remove Elite Status for behavior that does not reflect the responsible, kind, and/or professional caregivers of Bambino.