You can block a Parent from viewing your profile, messaging you, and requesting you through the direct message with the parent. 

To block a Parent:

Via the Parent Profile:

1. Tap on their profile from the Community tab

2. Tap the Message icon on the top, left corner

3. Tap the 3 dots on the top, right corner

4. Tap "Block" and confirm

Via Direct Message with the Parent:

1. Tap on the conversation with the parent

2. Tap the 3 dots on the top, right corner

3. Tap "Block" and confirm

To Unblock a Parent:

You can view the list of profiles you have blocked on the “Blocked Profiles” tab on My Account. To unblock users, tap "Unblock" on the profile.

Note: Swiping left on the conversation in the Messages tab will only block the user from messaging you. The Parent will still be able to request you. 

For the safety of sitters and parents, there are chat rules put in place. If you cannot message the parent and do not see the Message icon, please email to block a user from viewing your profile.