How do I set up my profile?

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First impressions matter. Create a professional profile to get more requests!

Choosing Your Profile Picture:

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing your profile picture:

  • Just You: Your profile photo should be a clear, solo picture to help parents know who they're hiring.

  • High Quality: Ensure your photo is bright and clear, showing off your friendly appearance.

  • Professional but Relatable: Choose a photo similar to how you would present yourself for a job interview, but feel free to let your personality shine through.

  • Keep it Updated: Make sure your photo is current and adheres to these guidelines. Otherwise, your account may be deactivated until updated.

Crafting an Effective Bio:

  • Your bio is a snapshot of who you are. Maintain a polished and error-free language, while highlighting relevant information about your experience and interests.

  • Keep it concise, ideally within 150-200 words, and share any prior babysitting experience, hobbies, or additional skills you have.


Setting Your Rate:

  • As a Bambino Sitter, you are able to set your own rates! This gives you the freedom to run your “business” just how you like! If you’re unsure of what to charge, utilize the chart provided in the app to determine what amount is typically charged in your area, keeping in mind your experience level.
  • To change your rate, navigate to “My Account” -> "Edit Profile" -> “Hourly Rate.” Note that rate changes will only apply to future sits.
  • NOTE: Negotiating rates outside of the listed rate in the app is against policy and could result in removal from the platform.


Managing Your Availability:

  • Ensure your profile is active so parents up to 10 miles away to find you.

  • To avoid receiving requests when you’re unavailable, keep your calendar updated.

  • Update your availability by going to “My Account” -> “My Calendar” -> Tap a date on the calendar -> “Add New Event.” Sitters can also access their calendar from the Home tab by clicking on the link to "Manage My Availability".


Securing a Recommendation: 

  • If you’re new to babysitting, a recommendation from a responsible adult can boost your profile.

  • Experienced sitters should ask former parents they’ve worked for to vouch for their skills and reliability.

  • Ensure recommendations are genuine and helpful, showcasing your suitability and reliability as a sitter.

Set up your profile effectively and embark on your Bambino babysitting journey with confidence!

Set up your profile effectively and embark on your Bambino babysitting journey with confiden

Set up your profile effectively and embark on your Bambino babysitting journey with confidence!

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