First impressions matter... Create a professional profile to get more requests!

Selecting a quality profile picture

Here are a couple of key things to keep in mind when choosing your profile picture:

1. Your profile photo needs to be a photo of just you. A group photo makes it tough for Parents to know who it is they’re hiring. 

2. Make sure your photo isn’t dark, blurry, or taken from too far away. Again, the purpose of this picture is to give Parents an idea of what you look like, and to establish a connection—this is difficult if they can’t really see you.

Creating an effective bio

Your About Me section is a reflection of you. Make sure you present yourself in the best possible light by making sure you don’t have any typos, misspelled words, or poor grammar in your bio. Once you’re done, read it again and triple-check for typos or awkward phrasing. You can update your bio by clicking the My Account tab -> My Experience -> Tell Us Abou.

PRO-TIP: When writing your bio, try sharing information about yourself that will be relevant to Parents. If you have prior experience babysitting, let them know! Other things that demonstrate your work ethic, skills, or personality are encouraged as well. Let Parents know that you’re an athlete, have a car, volunteer on the weekends, or any other information that speaks to your interests, strengths, or character.

PRO-TIP: Don’t worry about giving Parents your life story. Ideally, your bio should be 150-200 words long.

Setting your rate

As a Bambino Sitter, you’re free to set your rate at whatever you’d like to charge.  If you’re unsure of what to charge, utilize the chart provided in the app to determine what amount is typically charged in your area, keeping in mind your experience level.

To change your rate: Click the “My Account” tab in the bottom right of the app. From there, look for the “My Hourly Rate” button and click that. This screen will let you change your hourly rate and provide you with helpful information about the rate you are charging.

NOTE: If you change your rate, it will only affect future sits. Confirmed sits are locked in at your current rate.

Setting your availability

Once your profile is Active, you will be visible for requests from parents up to 10 miles away from your address. To remove your profile from Parents' request lists for certain times, update your availability in your calendar. When you add events to your calendar, you will not receive requests during those times or days. To set your unavailability, go to the My Account tab -> My Calendar -> Add Event. 

Getting a recommendation

For Sitters who have never babysat before, ask a Parent, coach, or teacher to recommend you based on your character, work habits, and responsibility. For Sitters with prior experience babysitting, ask a former Parent you’ve sat for to write you a recommendation based on their experience with you. Recommendations don’t need to be formal, or meet a certain length

requirement, but should be meaningful and helpful to Parents that are considering hiring you. This is a critical step in the process and lends credibility to your profile. 

The more recommendations you have, the more likely a Parent is to request you.