How Do We Make Sure Our Sitters are Top-Notch? - Trust and Safety

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Finding a trustworthy babysitter can feel as significant as finding "The One" in the dating world – it's essential, a tad nerve-wracking, and you certainly want to make the right choice. At Bambino, we take this matchmaking process seriously.

Our Approach to Community

In our eyes, community matters immensely. We strive to be the friendly neighbor who knows everyone and enjoys bringing people together. Hence, we rely on genuine word-of-mouth recommendations. Each Sitter on our platform has received positive feedback from at least one Parent within their community. Should you wish to conduct a bit of research, feel free to peruse reviews and discover which Sitters your friends trust. It's all about nurturing that "It takes a village" ethos.

Prioritizing Safety

While personal recommendations are invaluable, we also prioritize safety and diligence. Here's how:

1. Mobile Validation: We validate Member's phone numbers using a two-way six-digit validation code via Twilio, ensuring everyone is registering with a real phone number. This is a fraud prevention measure.

2. Carrier Validation: Phone numbers are cross-checked against carrier records via Telesign to block and eliminate Members registering with a VoIP number (Google Voice) or prepaid (burner) phone. This is a fraud prevention and safety measure.

3. ID Verification: All Members (18 and over) are required to validate their ID through Stripe's Identity Verification Platform.

4. Sex Offender/Terrorist Lookup: All Members are run through Family Watchdog, which cross-checks a Member's address against the national sex offender database and global terrorist watchlist. All matches are immediately blocked.

5. Background Checks: All Elite Sitters are run through full national, state, and county criminal background checks via Checkr. All Sitters 18+ can complete a background check and DMV scan, which will be highlighted on their profile.

6. Bambino Verified Members: Once a Member completes a booking through the app, they are marked as “Verified,” providing another layer of comfort that the Member is a legitimate Parent or babysitter who has completed a booking on Bambino.

Seeking Guidance from Your Community

Remember, Parents have long been exchanging babysitter recommendations – whether at the playground, PTA meetings, or casual coffee catch-ups. With Bambino, this tradition continues digitally, right at your fingertips. Should you require additional opinions, feel free to reach out to your friends. It's not intrusive; it's neighborly.

In conclusion, finding a dependable Sitter is akin to borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor next door – easy and reassuring. Have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

Stay fabulous, and keep being the superhero Parent you are! 

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