How Do We Make Sure Our Sitters are Top-Notch? - Trust and Safety

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Hey there, Neighbor! We know that finding a babysitter is a little like dating—super important, a little nerve-wracking, and you definitely want to find "The One." That's why at Bambino, we take the matchmaking process seriously! 

The Power of Neighborly Love 

We're all about community here. Think of us as the friendly neighbor who knows everyone and loves connecting folks. So, we rely on good ol' word-of-mouth recommendations. Every Sitter on our platform has been given the thumbs-up by at least one Parent from your community. Feel like doing a little sleuthing? Go ahead, read reviews, and see which Sitters your friends adore. We're all about that "It takes a village" vibe.

Double-Checking the Basics

While recommendations are golden, we also do our homework. All our Sitters have to pass some essential checks to prove they're the real deal.

1. ID VerificationFor the Sitters aged 18 and above with no previous sits, we ensure they pass an ID verification. Our pals at Stripe handle all the data stuff (techy, we know!). For our younger Sitters aged 13-15, this step isn't needed, and it’s optional for those aged 16-17.

2. Safety Checks: Without getting too jargon-heavy, we run checks to make sure our Sitters aren’t on any no-no lists – including law enforcement databases, national security, and financial checks. (Because who needs that kind of drama at story-time?)

3. Just Checking In With MasterCard: We make sure our Sitters haven't been naughty with MasterCard or Visa. Just another way we keep things safe and sound.

4. Sex Offender Screening: We've teamed up with Family Watchdog to ensure our community is free from registered sex offenders. Safety first, always!

5. Cell Phone Number Check: Every new Sitter verifies their cell number with us. It's just a little step to ensure they're genuine, and not hiding behind a mysterious internet number.

What About All Those Fancy Checks?

We get it, you might want some extra peace of mind. For Sitters 18 and up, we offer an optional but thorough background check that dives into all the nitty-gritty details. If they pass with flying colors, we give 'em a shiny badge on their profile so you can rest easy.

The Extra Mile for Elite Status

Ever see a Sitter marked as "Elite"? That's like the babysitting Hall of Fame right there. These Sitters have gone above and beyond, clearing a comprehensive background check to ensure they're as golden as your grandma's apple pie.

Have Questions? Just Ask Your Village

Remember, Parents have been swapping Sitter suggestions at the playground, PTA meetings, and coffee catch-ups for eons. With Bambino, it’s the same village-to-village chatter, just digital and at your fingertips. If you ever want a second, third, or even fourth opinion, just reach out to your friends. After all, it’s not nosy—it’s neighborly!

There you have it! Finding a reliable Sitter is as easy as borrowing a cup of sugar from next door. Any more questions? Fire away, we're all ears!

Stay fabulous, and keep being the superhero Parent you are! 

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