Welcome to Bambino and Congratulations on being a trendsetter! 

If you already know parents using the Bambino app, request them to write you a recommendation. When you get a recommendation from a parent, your profile will be boosted to the top of all of their friends’ searches while requesting sitters!⁠

Additionally, your neighborhood might be one of our newer communities just outside of some established Bambino communities. You can still make money! Bambino Sitters is a socially-connected app that makes finding a local, trusted babysitter, easier than ever. Bambino fosters a community for parents and sitters that encourages connection and recommendations. By inviting parents you already babysit for and friends who babysit, you not only expand your community but can also make $10 easy! Learn more about our Refer-a-Friend program here.

Thank you for your patience as we grow! 

We will notify you by text message when a parent requests you for a sit so keep your eyes peeled!