Choosing the BEST Sitter for your family (Interview Guide)

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Let’s interview our prospects! Our question-and-answer guide below can help you get started on a productive first chat with prospective Sitters. 

  1. What made you decide to start sitting on the Bambino app?

Answer guide: Remember, Sitters are here to make money. This is often a supplemental stream of income for our Sitters. That said, a great Sitter will also tell you about their love for children, playing, hanging out, engaging, or being a role model! 

  1. If you were hiring a Sitter for your own family, what would you look for in a candidate?

Answer guide: Is the Sitter’s answer aligned with what your needs are? Do they demonstrate your own family values in the response? If not, is this an easily correctible view? Example: A Sitter mentions engagement and compassion but does not mention clean-up after play. In this case, you can let the Sitter know that your expectations are that everyone cleans up together after an activity. 

  1. Where are you currently working? Are you in school? Why did you leave your last position?

Answer Guide: While the value of these questions seem tied to scheduling, you can learn a lot about a person's values from their studies or main employment. Look for red flags like disparaging commentary about their last job or adults who do not want to share their employment experiences. 

  1. What are some ways that you know to calm down an upset child/infant? 

Answer guide: This will help you come to an agreement on your parenting values and how they can be consistent even while you are away. 

  1. What are your favorite activities to engage children while sitting? 

Answer Guide: Does the answer fit with your child’s needs/age group? Is your child more engagement driven or do they prefer “free play”?This is a good place to start preparing the Sitter for what is required. Do you prefer that a Sitter put away their phone for the time they are sitting? This question will start that conversation! 

  1. Do you know CPR?

Answer Guide: If someone does not have their CPR certification, you can follow up to see if they would be willing to get it. 

  1. If there were an emergency situation, how would you respond? You want to be specific to your needs. An example of that is, “what would you do if my child is injured and needs medical attention?”

Answer Guide: While this answer will likely not be tailored to your exact family emergency plan, you should see answers that reflect awareness in an urgent situation such as calling 9-1-1, contacting you immediately, or comforting and assessing the injury. This will give you an idea of what you may need to go over before leaving your child in the Sitter’s care! 

  1. Are you willing to stay later than the original booking if the situation calls for it? 

Answer Guide: Remember that Bambino allows Sitters from age 13 +. If your expectation is that someone may need to stay much later than your planned return, you will want to plan that in advance for both your family and the Sitter. Additionally, our Sitters often have multiple bookings daily. Sitters can let you know about their other commitments here. 

  1. What are your views on discipline? 

Answer Guide: This question is to ensure continuity of care while you are gone. Sitters should only use your preferred family rules. 

  1. What is something you are proud of? 

Answer Guide: This is a chance for you to get to know what our wonderful Sitters bring to the table. So many of our users have unique talents and interests that they are ready to share with your little ones! 

We hope that this quick guide will help you start to build new Bambino relationships! Community is right at your fingertips. 

Here at Bambino, if you need to talk to us, we want to talk to you. Reach a member of our team directly here: (844) 622-6246 and one of our team members will assist you. We are available Mon - Fri from 9am-5pm EST. 

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