This is usually due to a temporary network or connection issue.  Please try to log-in when you have a strong WiFi and/or cellular signal.  The access code is valid for 5 minutes so please make sure you are waiting a couple of minutes after selecting to 'Verify' to receive the code before submitting a new request. We are unable to provide codes over the phone or email for security reasons.  

Additionally, please make sure you have enabled the feature on your phone to auto-fill verification codes.  Here are instructions for Apple and Android devices. 

Apple device here: 

Android device here: 

Finally, some carriers block messages from a short-code number.  All Bambino text alerts come from the short code number 269-05. This enables users to subscribe and unsubscribe from Bambino message. You can send a test message to see if this could be the cause of the problem.  Please text "Start" to 269-05.  If you do not receive a response, your carrier has blocked short-code subscribers from your phone.  

To learn more about short-codes and see if your carrier is blocking these messages please reference this article:

Please reach out if you are still having difficulty receiving the code and we will help you to troubleshoot further.