Effective May 6, 2019: 

We love our sitters and want to make sure our most active sitters have an opportunity to be rewarded. As such, we've developed a rewards program called Bambino Rewards, effective May 6, 2019. Each month we track the number of bookings you complete. Sitters who complete 0-2 bookings in a month are considered Occasional Sitters. Those that complete 3-4 bookings are considered Frequent Sitters, and those that complete 5 or more are considered Rockstar Sitters!  Every dollar you make earns you between 1-3 points in Sitter Rewards. Points are earned on every dollar of your hourly rate.  Tips are excluded from points rewards. Once you reach 1500 points you can redeem your points for a $25 Amazon gift card!  Amazon gift cards are good for nearly anything under the sun. See, we thought you’d like that!

   Sitter Level                Bookings per Month                    Reward Points

   Occasional Sitter                   0-2                   1 point per $1 earned babysitting

   Frequent Sitter                      3-4                   2 points per $1 earned babysitting

   Rockstar Sitter                        5+                   3 points per $1 earned babysitting

*NOTE: If you are an Elite Sitter, you will also receive a 5% cashback bonus on every booking you complete as long as you complete 3 bookings during the calendar month.  You'll also still have the opportunity to earn 1-3 points on every booking per $1 earned for babysitting! The 5% cashback will be calculated monthly and available by the 15th of the following month and deposited into your 'Refer-a-friend' balance. For example, you earn $50 in cashback rewards for your completed sits in May, your payment will be available no later than June 15th.  You can view and access this payment by selecting: My Account > Refer-a-Friend and transferring the deposit into your preferred payment method.  

Once you achieve a reward status of Frequent Sitter or Rockstar Sitter, you will maintain that status for the remainder of the month in which you achieved the status plus the following month. In other words, if you achieve Frequent Sitter status on June 15, you will maintain that status through July 31. In July, you will have the ability to extend that status another month (through August) by completing 3-4 bookings in July...and so on.