We love our sitters and want to make sure our most active sitters have an opportunity to earn bonus rewards. As such, we've developed a rewards program called Bambino Rewards, effective March 1, 2018. Each month we track the number of bookings you complete. Sitters who complete 0-2 bookings in a month are considered Occasional Sitters. Those that complete 3-4 bookings are considered Super Sitters, and those that complete 5 or more are considered Rockstar Sitters! Occasional Sitters earn the rate they set in My Account in the app. Super Sitters receive a 5% bonus for every booking they complete as a Super Sitter, and Rockstar Sitters earn a 10% bonus for every booking they complete as a Rockstar Sitter. 

    Sitter Level        Bookings per Month    Rewards Bonus

    Occasional Sitter           0-2                            0%

    Super Sitter                   3-4                            5%

    Rockstar Sitter               5+                           10%

*NOTE: If you are an Elite Sitter, your status will override Bambino Rewards and you will receive a 10% bonus on every booking regardless of the number of bookings you've completed.

Once you achieve a rewards status of Super Sitter or Rockstar Sitter, you will maintain that status for the remainder of the month in which you achieved the status plus the following month. In other words, if you achieve Super Sitter status on June 15, you will maintain that status through July 31. In July, you will have the ability to extend that status another month (through August) by completing 3-4 bookings in July...and so on.

Bambino Rewards are automatically calculated and included in your pay after each booking.