How do I share Bambino with friends? Glad you asked!

How Refer-a-Friend Works

A parent or sitter can share their “refer-a-friend” link via text/email through the app and the new sitter/parent must use that link to download the app on their phone. They cannot go into their App Store app on their phone and receive the credit. The link must be used. It can be posted on Facebook, sent in an email or via text.

Current Parent  to New Parent

  • New parent receives $10 referral credit immediately to be applied to their first booked sitter
  • Current Parent receives $10 once New Parent completes their first booking

Current Sitter to New Sitter

Both New Sitter and Current Sitter receive $10 (deposited into Venmo or Checking Account) when the New Sitter completes his/her first booking.

Current Parent  to New Sitter

  • Current Parent receives $10 once New Sitter completes their first booking
  • New Sitter receives $10 direct deposit once the first sit is completed

Current Sitter to New Parent

  • Current Sitter receives $10 direct deposit once first sit is completed
  • New Parent receives $10 Credit immediately applied to their first booking