*Not located in Charlotte, NC or Florida? Parents, please see this FAQ and Sitters, please see this FAQ to better answer your questions regarding the Rewards Program. 

Sitter Rewards Program

With the launch of our Beta app, we will be eliminating the Sitter rewards program. The rewards program was designed to give Sitters more of the hourly rate that the Parent was paying. Now we’re going to give Sitters all of it!  Points expire 90 days after they are earned and all points will expire by 2/14/2022. Points can no longer be redeemed through the app. If you are located in Florida or Charlotte and have redeemable rewards points, please email support@bambinositters.com.

Parents Rewards Program

Along with the new Parent Premium Membership option in Beta, we will be eliminating the Parent rewards program.

  • For every 400 points you have earned, you will automatically receive $10 towards your next booking.