We're thrilled to announce we are testing a new and improved Bambino in Charlotte, NC and throughout Florida. The new changes will make it even easier to connect with Parents and thrive as a Sitter. 

The Beta version of Bambino is designed to let us test the new features and work out any bugs before a broader rollout early next year. With the new update, Sitters in Florida and Charlotte experience a few changes in the app. 

So, what are the new features? 

We are removing all fees associated with using the app for the vast majority of our users. Parents in Charlotte, NC and Florida will have the option to purchase a Premium membership that comes with added benefits. These Premium Parent benefits include the ability to message Sitters, book a same-day Sitter, book multiple sits at one time, and a Premium badge on their Bambino profile. 

How does the new Bambino benefit Sitters? 

  • 100% of the hourly rate goes to Sitters: No matter if the Parent is premium or basic, there will be no fee added on to the Sitter’s hourly rate. The hourly rate a Sitter sets is the rate shown to Parents in the app and during payment. 

  • More payment options: Premium Parents can now pay Sitters outside the app with cash, through platforms like Zelle or whatever other means the Sitter and Parent agree upon. All Parents will still have the option to pay through the app, so Sitters can still get paid through direct deposit or Venmo. 

  • Premium Parents can message Sitters without a reservation! Premium Parents can message any Sitter to discuss availability or other questions before sending a booking request. Sitters should make sure their notifications are turned on for messages from Parents. All Parents will continue to go through multiple identity and safety checks before being able to upgrade to Premium. For more information on our community safety measures, read this FAQ. For rules on chatting with Basic Member Parents, read this FAQ.