In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Bambino created the StaySafe Pledge. Bambino is on a mission to raise strong and healthy families; protecting our communities is first priority in that. Let’s stay safe and help to keep one another safe. You can turn the pledge off and on in the app from the home screen.  

 “Stay Safe Pledge” 

I pledge to:

  • follow state and local social distancing guidelines, limiting my exposure to crowds and gatherings

  • wear a mask while in public spaces and when gathered with others outside of my household where staying 6 feet apart is not possible

  • practice good hygiene such as frequent handwashing and avoiding touching my face

  • cancel a booking if any member of my household experiences symptoms of COVID-19 or has knowingly been exposed to someone suspected of or diagnosed with the virus

  • communicate with families after a sit if I discover I may have been exposed prior to the sit.