How Does Bambino Rewards Work?

Modified on Wed, 14 Oct 2020 at 11:19 AM

How Points are Awarded?

  • Points are earned on every dollar spent on a booking based on paid total (minus tip/reimbursement).
  • Points are awarded to Parents once the sit is complete and in Paid status.
  • Points are not awarded when a parent pays with a gift card or a referral bonus.
  • Points are not awarded on tips.
  • Classic Members will earn points on the booking fees.  All other Membership levels will not be charged the booking fee.
  • All points expire 12 months after your last transaction. Each time a Parent makes a transaction in Bambino, the point expiration date will reset to 12 months from the date of the latest transaction. 
  • Accelerated points are only available to parents who enroll in the Bambino Rewards membership.  
  • If you advance to the next level within a quarter, you will start earning the multiple of points that are tied to your new level on your next booking and for the remainder of that rewards period and the next rewards period as well. 
  • Your reward status will carry over from the previous quarter (i.e. you will continue to earn the #x points per dollar associated with the level status you ended the previous quarter with).
  • Your rewards earning period begins on the day you register for Rewards.  You have 90 days from the date of enrollment to achieve the next level. 



How do Points Rollover?

  • Rollover points will not be counted towards your reward level in the following quarter.
  • At the start a new quarter, if you have rollover reward points from the previous quarter, those points will not be counted towards your reward level for this new quarter, but will count towards earning your next $10 reward. 

How Do I Cancel My Membership? 

  • Manage your membership via 'Membership Status' screen within the 'My Account' tab in the app
    • When you cancel your subscription, your current point balance will remain the same, but you will no longer earn accelerated points on future bookings. Effective with your membership renewal date.
    • If you cancel your subscription and decide re-enroll, there is no grace period. As long as you re-enroll before the expiration of 30 days since your last payment you keep the status, otherwise you return with the Rewards Level you are at when you re-enroll



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