"Awaiting parent confirmation" means that we have texted the parent to notify them that you have accepted the request and you are now waiting for the parent to confirm/choose a sitter.  You are not yet booked for the sit. Once a sitter has accepted the sit request, the parent has 24 hours to confirm a sitter before we cancel the reservation. We send parents multiple text messages alerting them to each accepted sitter and encouraging them to choose a sitter or cancel the request if their plans have changed.  

You will receive a text message notification if you are chosen and/or if another sitter is chosen. You will not be notified if the parent cancels the request or if the request times out. 

If 24 hours is too long and your plans change, you can change your response to decline at any time in the app.  

Also, please know that you can accept multiple, overlapping requests and the first parent to confirm you will book you.  We will change your response to the other request to decline.  

You should never go to a parent's home if you do not receive notification that you were chosen for the sit.