How much do I get paid when I sit?

Bambino supports you in building your business as a sitter. You set your rate so you know exactly how much you will earn for each sit. If you’re unsure of what to charge, utilize the chart provided in the app to determine what amount is typically charged in your area, keeping in mind your experience level.

To change your rate: Click the “My Account” tab in the bottom right of the app. From there, look for the “My Hourly Rate” button and click that. This screen will let you change your hourly rate and provide you with helpful information about the rate you are charging.

NOTE: If you change your rate, it will only affect future sits. Confirmed sits are locked in at your current rate.

When do I get paid?

Once the Parent confirms your payment, it will be processed immediately through Braintree, which is the leading mobile payment processor, and deposited within 2-3 business days into your Venmo or bank account depending on which selection you chose. 

If you babysit between Friday evening through Sunday, your payment should be deposited no later than Wednesday evening.  If you complete a sit in the evening, the first business is the following day.  Bank holidays will delay payments. If a parent pays with American Express, it could delay the payment by a day. 

Please confirm your account information is entered correctly.  You can verify this by selecting: My Account > Payments. If you have selected your Venmo email or phone number as your payment source.  Please make sure your email address or cell phone number is verified with your Venmo account or Venmo will not allow the deposit. Use this link to understand how to verify your Venmo account: 

It's been 3 days and I haven't been paid, what do I do?

Rest assured, you will always receive payment for sits completed through the app and we're on top of it!  Bambino sends the parent a payment reminder text around noon the day following the sit.  We review all completed and un-paid reservations daily (Monday-Friday) and follow up personally if payment still remains pending after 48 hours.  If we have been unable to reach the parent we will reach out to you (the Sitter) to verify that the sit did occur and we will attempt to process the payment on behalf of the parent. 

If it has been over 48 business hours (excluding Saturday/Sunday) and you have not heard from us, please reach out to and we'll get this taken care of for you.  We've got your back!  

Thank you for being a Sitter with Bambino!