Our community is built on the goal of connecting neighborhood parents with neighborhood sitters. Bambino is a tool to make these connections easier and more convenient. We believe strongly that trust is best gained through physical and social proximity and we strive to create a community that relies on its neighbors and friends for verification, not a corporate certification process.  

As a Sitter, it is important to connect with your friends using the app by linking your Facebook profile, connecting your phone contacts, and searching the Community tab to add your friends to your Favorites.  This will allow you to see if the family requesting you for a sit is connected to any of your friends using the app. You can also see if the parent is "Verified," meaning that the parent has completed a sit through the app with another Bambino Sitter.  You will also be able to view the parent's name and address prior to accepting.  When you end the sit, you have the opportunity to submit feedback about your experience with the family.  This feedback is read by our Bambino Support Team and we will follow-up if there is negative feedback submitted.  If you do not wish to babysit for the family again, you can select the "thumbs down" response and your profile will be hidden from the family for future searches.  

In addition to the social and local connections, all Parents must pass multiple identity verification checks. These include the following:

Selfie-ID Verification (EvidentID):

All parents who had not completed a sit prior to March 2020 are required to pass selfie-verified ID verification through our partner EvidentID.  Parents are required to submit a photo of their driver's license or passport along with a selfie to verify their identity.  The data collection, storage, and verification are processed by EvidentID.  

Family Watchdog Sex Offender Check:

Family Watchdog is a service to help locate registered sex offenders by address and name. We have partnered with the database to screen all parents and sitters who register.  If the system identifies a possible address or name match the profile is flagged and blocked and we are alerted.  

Cell Phone Verification: 

When a new parent creates a profile their cell phone number is verified by entering a six-digit code texted to them by Bambino.  We utilize carrier identification services and block VoIP (Google Voice) phone numbers.