Bambino categorizes Sitters based on four experience levels:  Junior, Standard, Advanced, and Elite. 

Junior Sitters are at least 13 years old and they have some babysitting experience. These sitters do not have their own transportation and are between the ages of 13-15 years old.  

Standard Sitters are 16-18 years old, however, experienced 15-year-olds can be upgraded to Standard Sitters based on a variety of measures.

Advanced Sitters are generally at least 19 years old, however very experienced 18-year-olds can be upgraded to Advanced status based on a variety of measures as determined by the local Community Coordinator. Some of the variables include the number of recommendations a sitter has, their hours in the Bambino platform and their overall rating.

Elite Sitters are our most reliable, engaged, and highly rated sitters.  These sitters are all at least 18 years old and have all cleared a comprehensive Background Check.  This checks National, State, and County records.  These sitters have completed at least 6 sits within the past 2 months, maintained a 4.8+ Star Rating, an 85% or higher Reliability Rating (monitors cancellations initiated by the Sitter within 48 hours of the scheduled sit) and a carry a high response rate to sit requests.