We get it. Your Facebook feed can be a mixed bag of annoying updates from childhood acquaintances or notifications from brand pages we signed up for long ago and aren’t sure how to turn off. So we want to put your mind at ease right out of the chute.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us, and by logging in with Facebook, we will NOT:

  • Post to your Facebook page in any way, shape or form;

  • Use your friends list to market our product;

  • Use your Facebook credentials for anything other than constructing your initial profile and connecting you with your friends within the Bambino community.

So, why do we want you to login with Facebook? We are a service that aims to connect families with neighborhood sitters that are recommended by their friends and neighbors. Facebook login is the only means for connecting you with your Facebook friends on the app. Beyond that, there are three primary reasons:  safety, community, and convenience.

SAFETY: The safety of our Sitters and the children they care for is our top priority. So we have chosen to require Facebook login to create an added measure of security for our community. It is one way of validating every Bambino user’s identity. We believe social proximity is a critical factor in establishing trust, and Facebook is the best available option to give Parents and Sitters the peace of mind that they are dealing with trusted people within their extended social network.

COMMUNITY: Bambino is based on social connections. Put simply, we want to modernize the traditional way of finding a Sitter – asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. Facebook allows our app to instantly tap into your existing personal community to connect you with Sitters that your friends and neighbors have recommended.

By logging into Bambino with Facebook, you can see within seconds all the Sitters available to you that are not only connected to your friends and neighbors but valued by them.

CONVENIENCE: We don’t want to make you create one more login and password combination to remember. We know your time and brain space are limited as parents. With Facebook login, we hope to make it easier for you to use Bambino to find, book and pay a Sitter within minutes.

Note: For Sitters under the age of 18 that don't have a Facebook account, please contact support.

Still have questions or concerns? Contact us now at support@bambinoapp.com or 844-622-6246. We look forward to hearing from you.